Parents and caregivers often look to teachers and school staff for advice about raising healthy kids and teens.

Alberta Health Services offers and promotes quality resources for families. We welcome and encourage school staff to share our materials in e-newsletters, blogs, and other school communications.

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Our monthly articles offer practical advice for parents and caregivers of kids in elementary school (grades K-6) and teens in junior or senior high school (grades 7-12). Check out our featured articles, or browse by topic.

For families with children:

For families with teens:

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Our websites are based on the latest information about healthy child and youth development. Use them to support parents and caregivers at all ages and stages.

Alberta Health Services:

Government of Alberta:

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Virtual education sessions

Our virutal education teams offer free public education sessions for parents, families, and youth allies. Our sessions are interactive, engaging, and evidence-based. We offer both live and recorded webinars—join us from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Community Education Services

For information on what's currently available, go to CES Sessions or check out these featured webinars:

Addiction and Mental Health Education Services

For information on what's coming up, go to Addiction and mental health: Virtual education sessions or register for our featured event:

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