Our program works to promote positive mental health in children, youth, and families, with a focus on rural and remote communities.

We have 36 sites across the province, plus 18 grant-funded programs. Each site is locally planned in partnership with school authorities, schools, families, and community agencies and service providers.

Our project staff may be able to:

  • Offer training, programs and resources to help school staff improve their knowledge and skills in:
    • Universal mental health promotion and prevention strategies
    • Self-regulation and self-care techniques
    • Psychological safety
    • Positive community norms
  • Support school and community mental health events, campaigns, networks, and mentorship programs
  • Help school staff notice signs of mental health or addiction issues in students, and provide screening
  • Collaborate with service providers to make sure students and families have access to early intervention and treatment, and get the most out of what’s available locally

For more information and to see where our program is currently available, visit our website.

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