It's go time!

This phase of the 5-step process involves two parts:

  • Taking action is about leveraging resources—like people, time, funds, and partnerships, to put your plan in motion. It may involve small-scale demonstrations or pilot projects. These are low-key approaches that allow for problem-solving, adapting, and refining plans before scaling them up.
  • Tracking progress means capturing what you’re learning as you go. It's an intentional effort—without it, you can lose sight of how far you've come. Tracking doesn't need to be complicated—day-to-day tools like meeting minutes, attendance records, and observation logs can provide valuable insights and can support more formal evaluations in the future. 

School health might look and feel different during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's still possible.

You can rely on proven ideas for taking action, and adapt them to suit your unique school or classroom situation. 

Taking action and tracking progress go hand-in-hand. Check out our resources below for support along the way.

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